Mark’s links to GE radio programming and Credit for who did the original legwork for the programmer that I built.


Packet radio files:


Gary Marsh:


Frequency Agile Kit:


Combination Numbers:


Here is the link to download the programming software: (This has all BUT the NT/2k driver)  668k

NT/2K driver:  1.5Mb


Programmer and Information about the Programmer:


Pictures of completed Programmer:


Schematic of the programmer (without the power supply parts)


Connector pinouts:


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My Main webpage:


Packet Stuff:

To properly test and configure a TNC use this file into your service monitor for testing receiver sensitivity:

The audio is properly PRE-Emphasized:

I use CoolEdit and put the file into a loop so that I can feed the audio OUT of my laptop INTO the service monitor and then use a terminal screen on the laptop to watch for the data being decoded from the TNC.

Use the FLAT audio file if you want to feed it into a radio (since the radio will pre-emphasize it):