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Weather Station page

Durango Herald

Telluride Web Cams

Silverton Web Cams

Pagosa Springs Web Cams


Main Ave @ 5th Street in Durango Looking NW

Eye On Durango

camera located at 8th St. & Main Ave. looking southeast.


Purgatory Ski area webcam @ the Ski Patrol House Top of Lift 1 (update every 15 minutes)

Columbine Deck Cam (update every 5 minutes) (Images are archived by date. Full motion...)

550 & 160 Looking West


http://www.snowforecast.com/resorts/4384-durango-mountain-resort (DMR Custom Weather report)

National Weather Service - For Durango, Colorato

http://weather.noaa.gov/radar/mosaic.loop/DS.p19r0/ar.us.conus.shtml (NOAA National Loop)

http://www.crh.noaa.gov/ifps/MapClick.php?MapType=3&site=GJT&CiTemplate=1&map.x=194&map.y=238 (NOAA Forcast)

http://sd.znet.com/~aringler/forecast.htm  (Combined Weather Channel Forecast maps)

http://sd.znet.com/~aringler/jet.htm  (Combined Weather Channel Jet Stream Forecast maps)

http://geosurvey.state.co.us/avalanche/  (Avalanche Prediction map for Colorado)

http://www.cotrip.org/roadConditions.htm (Colorado Road Conditions)

NMRoads.org (New Mexico Road Conditions

(Pagosa Webcams)  (Metar Weather Data)

(Snowtel Data source - Where the graph below is derived. Can pick river and snow data locations)



http://www.skireport.com/remote/display/?&area=colorado/durango&meas=in&feedid=427&type=boarder1               http://www.skireport.com/remote/display/?&area=colorado/telluride&meas=in&feedid=427&type=boarder1             http://www.skireport.com/remote/display/?&area=colorado/wolfcreek&meas=in&feedid=427&type=boarder1

IR Satellite image (click HERE for Loop)


Water vapor satellite image (click HERE for loop)


Visible Satellite image (click HERE for Loop)

Houston Real-Time Traffic Map